100+ Christmas Wishes For Boyfriend – Romantic Messages for Him

Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend: Christmas is a great opportunity to show your loved ones your love and care for him/her and what he/she really means in your life. Seize the opportunity to express your love and romantic feelings to the person you love most in your life. Celebrate this Christmas with your beloved lover and wish him some of the sweetest and most romantic Christmas wishes. Romantic Christmas Wishes are the most elegant way to express your love and feelings in this joyous, happy and loving moment of Christmas. The Christmas holiday season is a wonderful time of the year, so seize the opportunity to show your love. Express your love and appreciation for your boyfriend and wish him a happy Christmas.

Some romantic and sweet Christmas wishes for him can help you make this Christmas unforgettable. Even a long-distance boyfriend can celebrate the most romantic moment of the year with some sweetest Christmas messages. Wishing the sweetest person in your life with some warm and sincere messages, and let the Christmas spirit cover your feelings and soul. This will let your boyfriend know how much you love him, and appreciate him in your life. We are here with the most romantic Christmas messages, Christmas love greetings, wishes, quotes, and sayings for your boyfriend with images and beautiful Christmas cards.

Christmas Wishes For Boyfriend

You are God’s most precious gift. You are one in a billion. I wish you all the best in the world. Merry Christmas!

I know that you will always love me and will continue to take care of me this Christmas and many Christmases in the future. Merry Christmas, my hero!

Merry Christmas wishes for Boyfriend
Merry Christmas wishes for Boyfriend

If I don’t know you, I could never know the true joy of Christmas. Thank you for being such a loving and caring boyfriend. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sweetheart!

You are unique. You are the most luminous star in my universe. I wish you a Merry Christmas, full of love and joy!

You have everything that makes you a perfect boyfriend. With you, this Christmas is a blessing to me. Merry Christmas!

It may have been our first Christmas together, but I wholeheartedly can say that this will never be our last Christmas together.
Merry Christmas my love. Wishing you an extra special Christmas and thank you for being a part of my life. You are a better person and I love you very much.

Christmas candy canes, cookies, songs, Christmas carols and ice all together make this season even better. But the magical part of Christmas is definitely you. I love you Sweetheart. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to my love! I want to extend my best wishes of Christmas to the one I love more than my life. I hope you Christmas is as amazing as you are. Love you.

About Christmas, there are numerous things that I love, and about you, there are a ton of things that I love! I truly wish I could spend this Christmas with you! Merry Christmas. Miss you.

I wish you a holiday full of joy and happiness. I miss you to be with me during the holidays and I miss you a lot throughout the year. May Lord bless you my Love.

As soon as you stepped into my life, life becomes blissful and beautiful. It seems everything new just because of you. I love you. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ever since you have come into my life as a boyfriend, I feel very blessed and I am very happy to live my whole life with you. I want to thank you this Christmas for giving me this happiness. Merry Christmas

Christmas is the day to tell the sweetest people in your life what they mean to you. How could I forget this opportunity to love the person I love most in my life? Merry Christmas.

You are the most precious Christmas gift a lady has ever thought of. Thank you for fulfilling my Christmas wish!

I wish that this Christmas all your dreams will come true. A big kiss. Love you!

Do you know how to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in all languages? It’s very simple. Give a tight hug. Happy Holidays!

What gift do I want to win? I want you as a gift, at Christmas, in the New Year, every day! Merry Christmas!

After meeting you this year, I know what I would ask from Santa this Christmas.

Merry Christmas to my great love that makes this end of the year even more bright! I love you!

I don’t need anything else … Having you is enough! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

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Christmas Messages for Boyfriend

Are you looking for some heart touching Christmas wishes or romantic Christmas messages for your boyfriend? Well, you have come to the right place. We are here with the most heartfelt and romantic Christmas messages for boyfriend. Send these loving and warm Christmas wishes to your boyfriend and let him feel loved this Christmas!

We have cherished wonderful memories throughout the year. Let’s seize this ideal opportunity to add more sweet memories to our love album! Merry Christmas!

Thank you so much for adding glory to my day and making me feel that every day is different. You make everything so beautiful, so happy to have you. Merry Christmas, honey.

Christmas Messages for Boyfriend
Christmas Messages for Boyfriend

Your love fills my heart with joy and happiness and takes away all my sorrows. You are my treasure trove that changed my entire life. Wishing you an exciting, cheerful and joyful merry Christmas!

You entered my life and gave me 1,000 reasons to observe and celebrate Christmas again like a child. I love you for bringing me real happiness! Merry Christmas!

My love for you will always be young and evergreen like a Christmas tree! I can’t think of celebrating Christmas without you. Merry Christmas to the most attractive boyfriend ever!

Merry Christmas, dear. Sending you some Christmas wishes to let you know that I am thinking of you today and every day of the year. My heart is only for you! I love you so much.

As the Snow falls, I miss you and miss all the quality times we shared together. May the Lord bless you and help you succeed in all aspects of life.

During this holiday, whether it is too cold or snowing, when I am with you, I am always warm! I miss that warmness as I miss you! Merry Christmas, have a cheerful occasion, love you.

May all of us have a lot of gifts, may we be together forever, and even in the snowy weather our hearts will never be cold. May we forever bond in love and wish us a Merry Christmas!

I hope you enjoy life with all those amazing feelings that Christmas awakens in us.  Merry Christmas to my love, never forget that I love you so much.

Whenever I think of you, I want you to be with me. I count the days of to meet again. Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas because this day there is peace everywhere and love in most hearts. Let us enjoy this moment together tonight. I love you very much Merry Christmas.

On this night, my only hope is that Christmas will make your home full of joy. Sending you a long hug and a big kiss. Love you with all my heart.

Our love has reached here after many trials, but testing process ends here. We are very happy today, and I hope you can come to my house to celebrate Christmas Eve. I very love you.

Merry Christmas, my love. There is a special wish for someone special, you know that I cannot survive without you, because you are the cause of my heartbeat, you are my love, keep blessing!

Having a boyfriend like you has blessed my life, someone who always keeps an eye on what’s happening to me, who always keeps me happy and gives me lots of love. Merry Christmas!

The light of your soul makes my heart harmonious. Our love keeps alive the beautiful and blissful moments spent together.

Before meeting you, the whole day was the same to me. Since you are now my boyfriend, it is very important for me to be together every day and make you realize how much I love you. Merry Christmas

Have a nice day, because I am praying for you silently. I want you to know what you mean to my life, you are present in every thought of me, I love you very much, Merry Christmas!

This Christmas, there is a person like you, and I am more willing than ever to celebrate the joy and miracles brought about by the magical things of this Christmas season.

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Christmas Card Messages for Boyfriend

Christmas is a beautiful season of friendship and love, it helps you get closer to your loved ones. Seize this opportunity to feel your lover how special he is to you. A cute gift may be a good option, but it may be a better romantic idea to send a personalized love message attached to the gift or write it in a greeting card. As a girlfriend, you want to make sure to write the sweetest and most romantic Christmas message for your beloved Boyfriend.

If I can pack my heart and send it to you for Christmas, I will. Since I cannot do it, I must use this Christmas card.

With special Christmas greetings, I am sending all my love and let you you know that you are the one I am always thinking of. Full of love at Christmas.

Christmas card for boyfriend
Christmas card for boyfriend

Every day of my life, I am very grateful to God for sending you in my life. Today I want to especially thank him, because today is Christmas, love you, the love of my life, and Merry Christmas!

Day time, night time, good time, bad time, work time, happy time, sad time, meanwhile I keep thinking about you all the time. Merry Christmas Sweetheart!

I just want to spend every Christmas with you. Just by my side, you can make it so magical and special, and I will never get rid of this feeling. Baby, I wish everyone happiness. Merry Christmas!

Because of you, I believe that magic is real and miracles happen often. Your presence in my life is simply a miracle. I hope you achieve every goal in the coming year and never stop dreaming. I love you and Merry Christmas!

It is a blessing to spend Christmas with you. I like the way you smile when you sit near the fireplace and see “It’s an amazing life”, just as a child is waiting for a gift. May your soul always be pure. Merry Christmas

This magical Christmas night will be an unforgettable memory of a lifetime, because I will spend this special holiday with the favorite, most charming and best person in my life I know. I hope you get everything you want. I love you merry Christmas

Every time Christmas is a new beginning. Hope for beautiful and unforgettable. I know you will be a part of every adventure that awaits us in the coming year. Merry Christmas, love. 

Christmas Card Messages for Boyfriend
Christmas Card Messages for Boyfriend

Christmas is the most wonderful time to make special memories with loved ones. During these holidays, there’s no one I would rather make better memories within these holidays than you.

Christmas is the day of gatherings to celebrate gifts from God to us with our loved ones. As we celebrate the love, joy, hope, peace and happiness of this holy season, I thank God for bringing you into my life.

Every day this year you were there, making me smile when I wanted to cry the most. All your words comforted my heart when I needed it most. And it is with great affection that I wish you all the best in your life and a Christmas full of joy. May all your dreams come true for this and all Christmases yet to come. A big hug and Merry Christmas!

What can I wish you this Christmas? More than I wish, I can try to make this your best Christmas. You don’t even need to wish me a Merry Christmas … Your presence is already the certainty of an era of love, passion and peace.

May the years to come to perpetuate this certainty … And that, each Christmas, we can continue to repeat: My gift is you! And my future is with you!

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Romantic Messages For Him At Christmas

Find a unique list of the most romantic Christmas wishes and wish your lover the most romantic time of the year. Send warm and sincere messages to your beloved boyfriend, and let the spirit of Christmas cover your emotions and soul. The following examples will provide you with unique ideas and help you write your own unique messages for your special man.

I will spruce up tonight and look beautiful for you. Wish you take a glance at me and feel glad to be my boyfriend. I need us to clasp hands, kiss one another and wish Merry Christmas.

On this Christmas, I want to take you in my arms, so that you can stick to my heart. Thank you for being with me. Merry Christmas baby.

This Christmas, if I want anything, it’s just you. You are my whole world. Thank you for filling my life with love, joy and happiness and making it better. I miss you so much. Merry Christmas.

Romantic Messages For Him At Christmas
Romantic Messages For Him At Christmas

Your love words steal someone’s heart, but you don’t know your heart has been stolen by me, kindly check! Merry Christmas!

Life is different my love. Since you entered my life, everything has become so pleasant and beautiful. Now without you, I cannot survive. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas. I am very grateful to God to send a very special person like you into my life. You are so loving, caring, generous, thoughtful, kind, and fun. You are really important to me. I love you, baby!

Merry Christmas. I want to thank you for all the love, special moments and happiness you have brought to my life. You are really awesome!

Now that you are by my side, Christmas has become more special, and I look forward to spending more holidays together. Merry Christmas, my love!

Merry Christmas, my love. You always make me laugh and add so much joy to my life. Since you entered my life, you have made my life bright with your love. You are truly a blessing to me. I love you!

Without you by my side, Christmas would not be the happiest and joyous holiday. I wish you a holiday full of love, happiness, extra hugs and kisses!

Romantic Christmas Wishes For Your Bae
Romantic Christmas Wishes For Your Bae

On Christmas Day, I am more willing to be with you than anyone else. I love you with all my heart. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, my love!

Merry Christmas. I love to celebrate my holidays with you because you are so loving, caring fun, and the best thing I have ever experienced! Thank you for everything you have done for me. Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas!

Your kisses and warm hugs illuminate my heart like the twinkling lights on a Christmas tree. I love you!

Being with you at Christmas is like dream to come true. I have no words to express my love but I love you more than my life. Merry Christmas!

This Christmas, I really want to give you the most expensive gift or something priceless, but I feel nothing more precious or priceless than my heart. I Love you.

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Christmas Love Messages for Boyfriend

A series of sweet Christmas love messages for lovers: Christmas is a wonderful time for friends, family, and lovers. This is a special time for lovers who want to strengthen their relationship and take it to a new level. If you have a boyfriend or have feelings for someone, try to show your appreciation for him and all your gratitude for the relationship. Express your concern about your relationship by sending romantic and sweet messages and make Christmas memory for both of you.

Not only the Christmas lights, but also your smile. When you make my Christmas bright, I feel very warm inside. Love you, baby. Merry Christmas

This Christmas, I am sending my eternal love in the form of a baked love cake: 1 cup of love, 2 cups of trust, 1 cup of dedication, and a little charm, Merry Christmas, please enjoy your gift!

Christmas love messages for him
Christmas love messages for him

The excursion of love we have embarked on will discover new dreams and new hopes on this Christmas! Let’s make our love eternal!

Memories slowly fade away and eventually disappear. However, our love for each other will never change. For me, this Christmas is about loving you!

There is no one other than you in my life who can love me with such honesty and passion. I feel so lucky for having you in my life. Merry Christmas!

My Christmas gift will be my eternal love for you. I love you boundlessly, and I want to celebrate this Christmas eve together tonight. Merry Christmas.

With you by my side, glamour, glitter, and gorgeous parties are going to be life-changing. But all I truly want to have fun and celebrate this Christmas with you, my love.

You are the best Christmas gift ever, I will have this year and forever. Hope we will be sharing all the Christmas days of our lives.

Some people can make the world a better place just by getting involved. Whenever you are nearby, you light up my life. I hope you get everything you want at Christmas and the coming year.

Christmas Love Messages for Boyfriend
Christmas Love Messages for Boyfriend

You have always been a blessing to me and my family. I am very happy to celebrate this Christmas with you.

This Christmas, no matter how many gifts I receive, whether they are amazing or precious, nothing can ever surpass the sweet smile coming from my love, the man of my dream.

I want to thank the person I dream of, no matter happiness or sorrow, good or worse, he is always by my side. You are indeed everything I hope. Merry Christmas, I love you.

Before you entered my life, my life was so meaningless and so dull, with no purpose in life. But you have made it bright and filled with hope in every corner of life. I love you and Merry Christmas!

I want to keep you forever. You are my most treasured Christmas gift. Merry Christmas, my love.

Christmas enlightens our lives and makes us feel grateful for all the wonderful experiences of the previous year. You are definitely one of my greatest experiences. Let’s have a wonderful Christmas together this year.

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Funny Christmas Wishes For Boyfriend

Here are some of best humor and funny Christmas wishes for your boyfriend. Celebrate being together with these funny Christmas messages on this Christmas.

I wanted good people around me, not those who ruin my mood. But Santa told me that this offer is not available for single people.

I know you will give me a perfect gift every Christmas, and every Christmas will bring me a smile. I am waiting for it. Merry Christmas!

Christmas has been postponed, because I did not receive my late night kiss. So, if you want to celebrate Christmas, you have to hug me as a punishment and give a long kiss. Merry Christmas!

Funny Christmas Wishes For Boyfriend
Funny Christmas Wishes For Boyfriend

Whenever I see you, it reminds me of Santa Claus. Apart from his long white beard, you have many things similar to that big, fat and silly man. Merry Christmas, my friend!

I wrote to Santa Claus, admitting that I have been very naughty this year, all because of you. Now, I am waiting for Santa’s reply. Merry Christmas!

Your name is missing from Santa’s list of naughty and pretty. Therefore, I told him to search for your name on his big list. I believe he will find it there!

Christmas is about spending time with great people. So please make sure you spend the whole day with me tomorrow. Merry Christmas, dear!

I hope Santa will wrap you in a box as my Christmas present at midnight! For me, this year will be the perfect Christmas!

As long as you don’t forget to brush your teeth, you can eat sweets candies and cakes at Christmas. Merry Christmas!

This Christmas is the only rule you follow; if I am not there to take you home, please don’t have too much drink! Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas Text To Boyfriend

Although the feeling of love is at its peak during special days or holidays like Christmas, it is not always easy to figure out how to express these feelings in words. Here are some merry Christmas text to send to your boyfriend.

At Christmas, we strive to express our love and compassion to our loved ones. I have chosen you as you are special to me who deserves all the better things in this world. I am very happy that we are going to celebrate this Christmas together.

Forget the mistletoe. I just want to hold your hands in front of every Christmas tree and make merry wishes for what our future Christmases will be. Merry Christmas to you, sweetheart.

Merry Christmas Text To Boyfriend
Merry Christmas Text To Boyfriend

This Christmas will be the first of many Christmases we share together. As our friendship and partnership deepen, it starts to feel like you can come home now. May this Christmas deepen our understanding of each other and deepen our love for each other.

Christmas is the time for giving, sharing and loving. Therefore, today I am giving you my sincere love, my attention and appreciation. Thank you for more than the boyfriend I ever hoped to find.

Our love is brighter than the twinkling stars above the Christmas tree. May this Christmas and New Year be the best we have ever had together!

The evergreen Christmas tree helps me to remember the eternal love we share together. Thank you for being such a boyfriend I always wanted to have.

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Christmas Greetings For Boyfriend

Wish your boyfriend the sweetest and most romantic Christmas wishes this holiday season. Make him appreciated and feel loved with these Christmas messages for him.

I am very happy to spend wonderful Christmas memories with you, and I look forward to more coming.

I do not always want to say this, but I want to tell you that you are the most amazing person who imprisoned me in his heart and captured my heart. Wishing you the best Christmas ever!

Christmas Greetings For Boyfriend
Christmas Greetings For Boyfriend

This is just a message. These are just words. But these come from the core of my soul, I wish you all the best this season. Merry Christmas to you my love!

I wish you a Merry Christmas, my love. My life with you is full of smiles and the whole year is blissful. Love you so much!

Christmas is here to enlighten our lives and cause us to feel appreciative for all we have. Have an excellent Christmas, my love.

Christmas is the time to touch everyone’s heart with love and care. Since meeting you it feels like I am celebrating Christmas every single day.

Your magical smile breaks the lock of my heart. Your gentle touch opens my soul’s window, which makes me feel the magic of Christmas, fills me with joy, and eliminate all my worries.

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Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance

It’s very hard for being far away from your loved ones during special days. Here are some Long Distance Christmas wishes for your boyfriends. It can be sad to celebrate Christmas without a loved one. But you can still make your boyfriend feel the warmth of your love during this Christmas by sending him sweet and romantic messages via whatsapp, facebook, or direct as text messages.

All my warm wishes, love and prayers to the special one I have! May you be healthy and happy this Christmas.

Distances can help us understand how real our love is and how much we love each other. When we meet again, this love increases even more. Merry Christmas!

christmas message for him long distance
christmas message for him long distance

Even though this Christmas we are far away from each other, our love will keep our hearts connected together. I can hardly wait until we are together again.

Far away, sitting alone; no big deal. May the love and knot of our bond stay together forever in this way. Merry Christmas!

It’s hard to explain how badly I am missing you all on this Christmas Eve! I wish you a wonderful Christmas full of love and happiness.

The distance can never diminish our true love. You will always be in my heart and. Let’s enjoy the spirit of this Christmas at Distance.

Your alluring smile opens the door of my heart, your amiable touch has opens the window of my soul, filled with the happiness of Christmas, making the distance disappear!

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Sweet Christmas Messages for Boyfriend

Use these romantic Christmas text messages to show your boyfriend your love and appreciation for this Christmas season. Choose the one that you think will melt his heart.

You are the sweetest boyfriend a girl could ever want to meet. I can’t wait to give you some extra love and touch this Christmas and surprise you! I Love You!

When you look at the shining light in my eyes, from the top of the head to the toes, I feel warm. Thank you for fulfilling my Christmas wish!

Sweet Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend
Sweet Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend

Now that you are in my life, Christmas has become more magical. I look forward to all the fun celebrations and romantic moments the season has stored for us. I love You.

When I was a little girl, I used to dream of meeting that special person and spending our first Christmas together. After meeting you, I know it is even more beautiful than I could’ve imagined.

Merry Christmas, to the world’s best boyfriend who is sweeter than sugar cane, not only warms me up more than a cup of hot cocoa, but also makes my heart happier than the biggest gift under the tree!

If I set a Christmas list of all the qualities I want for a perfect boyfriend as a gift from Santa — such as honest, charming, cute, loyal, and beautiful — you’re a perfect match!

We come together like the white and red stripes around the candy canes and the Christmas lights wrapped around the branches. Thank you for being my perfect match. Merry Christmas!

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year, but now we get to spend Christmas in pairs, it’s much better than before. I am looking forward to sharing the joy of this season with you.

You are the most loving, cherishing, and amazing person I have ever met. This Christmas, I want you to know that I love you with all my heart.

With you this Christmas, I realize that this Christmas will be the best Christmas I have ever had. To me, my dream seems to be about to come true. Wishing you an awesome Christmas, dear!

This Christmas, Let’s celebrate the astounding love we share. I don’t need extravagant gifts under the Christmas tree. As long as there is you, it will be the best Christmas season ever. I love you!

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Christmas Quotes For Boyfriend

Christmas is the best time of the year, and Christmas will become even better when you have a special person to share with. Imagine sitting near the fireplace and hugging each other for a long time. It seems that the wind of Christmas drives the romance. Here are some Christmas quotes for a boyfriend that can capture the essence of the Christmas season.

Just because of by being in my life, you make the stars shine brighter and winters warmer. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my love. I must be the luckiest person because God sent the most special person in my life! With you, every day becomes beautiful! you are my Everything!

My whole year spent thinking about how I’ll spend this Christmas with you. Finally, the time has come to fulfill all my wishes. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Quotes For Boyfriend
Christmas Quotes For Boyfriend

Our love is a treasure that no gift beneath the tree can match in worth. Thank you and Merry Christmas, my love.

The amazing light that exists in your soul brings harmony in my heart and our love brings the alive brilliant moments of joy. My gentle Christmas wishes to you!

To the world, you may be a person, but for me you are my world. I am grateful to God for blessing me with someone special as amazing as YOU. Merry Christmas.

Yesterday you were mine, even today you are mine, and tomorrow also you will be mine. Merry Christmas, I love you.

At Christmas, my joy doubled. Because you are by my side. This way I can enjoy love and divinity. Your existence has changed everything in my life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas is a festival of sacrifice and love. When celebrating Christmas with you, it becomes an excellent occasion of blessings showered on me from Heaven. Love you very much, Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the time to receive and send blessings, It’s the time to touch everyone’s heart with love and care. It’s time to breathe the magical aroma in the air. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

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Final Words

Christmas is an opportunity to show your loving boyfriend how much you love and care about him, and what is his importance in your life. Do not let go by hand without seizing this opportunity and take full advantage of it to pass on your love and romantic feelings to the person you admire most in your life. Celebrate being with your loving boyfriend and wish him this Christmas with the most romantic Christmas wishes. These romantic Christmas messages for him are a beautiful way to express your love and the warmth you hold in your heart for him. We crafted this post especially about the best Christmas wishes for boyfriend and romantic Christmas messages for him. You can use these romantic Christmas wishes for your boyfriend as Christmas card messages or text messages.